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West of Old Electra Cemetery

West Side of State Highway 25 North

Information in this listing was obtained from City Hall death records, Robert Stohl survey of 1999, Julie Coley survey of 2005, cemetery lot receipts, newspapers, burial permits, funeral home lists of burials, and family records.

It is noted that some of the death dates were prior to the death date of Dick Sparks in 1946 when the cemetery was reportedly started.  Early death records listed persons as buried in the Colored or Black Cemetery and it is unknown where that was located or if it was a different location than that now designated as Dick Sparks Cemetery.  I have included these early deaths for your information.

D.O.B = DATE OF BIRTH                                                                          D.O.D. = DATE OF DEATH

We also have available the Bill Stohl survey of the cemetery.  If anyone feels like it needs to be added here just let me know.  Otherwise, it is available at the library for anyone to see. 

Daisy (Mrs.)
Stohl Survey Row 12 #3
Kerry L.
Stohl Survey row 5 #9
Ronny M.
Stohl Survey Row 5 #8
Samy Lewis

Stohl Survey Row 4 #3

Also shown as row 6 #7

Thomas Arthur

Stohl Survey row 4 #2

Also shown as row 5 #6


Bishop Lena Mae 2003 Shown in the Coley survey in 2005
Brown Mary 4-Nov.-1926 No marker found
Brown Talton A. 10-Jan. 1897 13-Sept.-1978 Stohl Survey Row 5 #4
Calvin Andrew D. Jr. 21-Aug.-1925 3-Nov.-1974 Name is shown as Alvin D. in Coley survey in 2005. Stohl Row 11 #10
Camp Ophelia 5-Apr.-1984 No marker found
Clark Craig A. 6-Nov.-1966 27-Jul.-1993 Row 2 Stohl Survey
Coleman Estella Gregg (Stella) 1896 10-Apr.-1970 Row 3 Stohl Survey
Crear Lillie Obituary was in Electra Star News 26-Jun.-1930
Daniel Dora 18-Mar.-1964 Age 66, Died in Wichita Falls, TX
Dellums William 14-Jan1931 No marker found
Dews Lucy Nora (Sis) 30-Jan.-1926 3-Sept.-2009 Husband, Travis, in Row 11 #6
Dews Travis Sr.   Stohl Survey Row 11 #6
Dupree Debra Denise 7-Oct.-1964 6 weeks old
Edwards Fred Sr. 19-Mar.-1945 12-Jul.-1996 Stohl Survey Row 5 #12. Also shown as row 6 #1
Edwards R. V. 3-Oct.-1921 10-May-1995 Stohl Survey Row 5 #13
Eggins Anna 1900 Row 2 5b Stohl Survey
Eggins Febbie Jo 26-May-1954 4-Jul-1992
Eggins Henry 1898 1966 Row 2 5a Stohl Survey
Eggins Louis 26-May-1920 28-Oct.-1973 Julie Coley survey 2005
Eggins Louis 1925 1973 Stohl Survey 1999
Eggins Tinnie M. 1934 2002
Eggins Will 26-May-1920 28-Oct.-1973 Row 2 #6 Stohl Survey 
Evans Weldon Ray 22-May-1960 Died in Wichita Falls, TX Age 8
Forbes Perlena 6-Jun-1909 26-May-1969 Stohl Survey Row 5 #5
Franklin Johnny Bernard No dates. Reserved? Map:Section 1-63 Aulds Fun. Home list
Franklin Wincy J. Freeney 14-May-1927 27-Jul.-2011 Map: Section 1-62
Frazier Henry Sr. 23-Apr.1899 23-Jun.-1962 Row 1 Stohl Survey
Frazier Jennie 9-Apr.-1906 28-Apr-1991 Row 1 Stohl Survey'1921
Gaffney Castell 1912 16-Jun-1970  Stohl survey Row 3 -3  
Gaffney William 9-Aug.-1914 28-Aug.-1985 Stohl Survey Row 3 -4
Geter Hulon Jr. 10/15/1947 9/17/2020  Obit Times Record News 9/25/2020
Geter Nancy L. 22-Mar.-1936 6-Sept.-2004 Julie Coley survey 2005
Green John L. 15-Aug.-1924 8-Dec.-1999
Green Katy Rene 14-Mar.-1923 6-Mar.-2000
Green Theresa Michell 29-Dec.-1977 14-Nov.-1997 Stohl Survey Row 9 #1
Green Tommy Lee 28-Jan-2021
Greer Bessie Daniels 20-Jul.-1920 19-Apr.-2014 Map:  Section 1-84
Hansard Ernestine Monroe 26-Jan.-1962 27-Jul.-1998
Hollins Parlee 17-Feb.-1901 8-Dec.-1966 Auntie Parlee Hollins Shown in Julie Coley survey. Stohl row 3-2
Jenkins Baby 9-Jul.-1936 No marker
Jenkins Ola Mae Dews 6-Mar.-1955 11-Feb-1999 Julie Coley Survey 2005
Johnson B. D. (B. Denney?) 2/9/1900 1/27/1980 Row 3 1a  Stohl Survey
Johnson Henry 16-Nov.-1934 29-Sep.-2000 Young Funeral Home, Funeral held 3-Oct.-2000.
Johnson Lillie 1899 '1985 Row 3 1b Stohl Survey
Johnson Luella M. 10-Jan.-1940 No D.O.D. Coley Survey
Jones Baby 22-Sep.-1928 No marker
Landrum Mildred Reserved Section 1-111  (Mrs. Petie)
Landrum Petie, Jr. 3/28/1937 8/22/2021 Aulds List: Section 1 lot 110 
Levi Ransom Jr. 28-Nov.-1927 No marker
Leviston Dave 3-Sep.-1922 24-Dec.-2001 born Palmer, TX. Died Denison, TX.
Leviston Nancy Lou 3-Mar.1892 11-Jul.-1989 Row 2 Stohl Survey
Lewis Dave 1891 1963 Stohl Survey Row 5 #2b
Lewis  Harriet 1900 1977 Stohl Survey Row 5 #2a
Lott Baby James (female) 4-Sep.-1964 4-Sep.-1964
Lott James Sr. 10-26-1919 1/10/2021 Electra Star News -Aulds Fun. Home
Lott Lynn Archie 21-Jan.-1956 26-Aug.2002 Obit Electra Star News 5 Sep-2000
Lott Tressie Lee Camp 9-Jul-1927 15-Dec.-1987 Stohl Survey Row 3 #9
Malone Christine 25-Sep.1893 17-Oct.-1977 Stohl Survey Row 7 #1
Malone John L. 28-Aug.-1930 27-Jul.-1958 Stohl Survey Row 10 #1
Malone Onie B. 24-Sep.-1935 13-Jan-2006
Malone Otto P. 28-Apr-1909 5-Oct-1993 Stohl Survey Row 4 #4b
Malone Syvella 28-Nov-1912 20-Jun-1961 Stohl Survey row 4 #4c
Malone Viola S. 22-Jan-1914 25-Sep-1989 Stohl Survey Row 4 #4a
Marshall Eliza 1-May-1956 No marker found
Marshall Tom 29-Dec-1950 No marker found
Martin Odis Bo 16-Aug-1928 2 Sep 1995 Stohl Survey Row 5 #14
Martin Roger Lee 2-Oct.-1956 18-Apr-1997 Stohl Survey Row 5 #11
Matheda? Ella 5-Mar-1924 No marker found
McCopy Ella Casey 20-Nov-1962 No marker found
McCoy  Bernice Mills Map:  Section 1-64
McCoy Ella 1871 1961 Stohl Survey row 5 #1
McGee Paul 4-Sep-1948 24-Feb-2006 Obituary in Times Record News 27-Feb-2006 Age 57       Section 1-76 Aulds Fun. Home Record
McGee Rosetta Green 10-Oct-1952 10-Nov-2011 Reserved.  Aulds Map:  Section 1-75
Mills Eddie C. Sr. 18-Jun-1947 16-Jan-1994 Row 4 Stohl Survey #1. Also shown as Row 5 #16
Mills John David 13-Apr-1946 1-Mar-2011 Aulds list:  Section 1-1-61
Mitchell Michael Deon Jr. 12/11/1996 11/10/2021 Location in cemetery unknown
Mitchell John Wayne Map:  Section 1-65
Monroe Berry Jr. (Rev.) 21-Mar-1910 12-Jul-1984
Monroe Ernestine (nmi) 1/26/1962 7/27/1998
Monroe Beulah 23-Mar-1905 11-Nov-1975 Row 1 Stohl Survey
Monroe Douglas Darnell 20-Mar-1958 2-Feb-2008 Section 1 Aulds list
Monroe Ernest 21-Apr-1935 22-Nov-2001
Monroe Homer, Sr. 9-Jun-1923 9-Jan-1993 Stohl Survey Row 5 #15b
Monroe Jessie Lee 1953 1987 Stohl Survey Row 3 #7
Monroe Lester 1-Jan-1900


Stohl Survey Row 3 #6
Monroe Lucille 28-Dec-1945 24-Jun-1972 Row 1 Stohl Survey
Monroe Mia 12-Dec-2000 7 months old
Monroe Onie B. Edmondson 24-Sep-1935 13-Jan-2006 Section 1  in Aulds list
Monroe Robert Lee Sr. 19-May-2011 Map:  Section 1-92
Monroe Shirley 16-Apr-1940 No date of death on the marker. Row 5 #25a Stohl Survey
Monroe Teresa Lott 18-Feb-1961 21-Jul-2012 Section 1
Moore Rev. Berry Jr. 21-Mar-1910 12-Jul-1984 Stohl Survey Row 8 #1
Moore Booker T. 5 Jul 1927 5-Jul-1927 No marker found
Moore Johnie 28-Aug-1929 No marker found
Morris Shelbert 13-Sep-1913 8-Nov-1984 Stohl Survey Row 7 #3
Murray Loney Edward 25-Feb-1883 15-Feb-1963 Age 79
Nee Mildred Lott 17-Apr-1935 No marker found
Peters Ben 14-Dec-1964 Died in Wichita Falls. Burial Electra
Peters Billy R. 2-Jul-2014 Young Funeral Home, Wichita Falls Age 51
Peters Kathy Louise 15-May-1967 Age 7
Phillips Joe Pearl 15-Aug-1915 only date found. Row 7 #2 Stohl
Pruitt Raymond Lee 31-Mar-1962 18-Apr-2014 Map:  Section 1-81
Pruitt Willie C., Jr. 1926 '2003 Shown in Coley survey in 2005
Pryor Etta J. 1954 1956 Stohl Survey Row 11 #5
Pryor Hubert 21-May-1930 5-May-1997 Stohl Survey Row 10 #2
Pryor James E. 4-Jul-1968 Died in Ector Co., Tx hospital
Ray Eugene 9-Dec-1993 No marker found
Reed Novelia 2-Jul-1929 9-Jan-2002 Shown in the Coley survey in 2005
Reed Walter 26-Mar-1932 26-Mar-2002 Died in hospice in Wichita Falls
Richardson Mildred 1921 1968
Robertson Tommie Henry 1-Aug-1909 No marker found
Robinson Sha'Dobela Shatriece 7-Mar-1998 7-Mar-1998
Rowe Nora 19-Dec-1961 No marker found
Scott Clyde Allen 16-Apr-1946 No marker found
Sears Tanda Lagale 20-Jun-1959 25-Feb-2004
Sillemon Della Collins 21-May-1913 25-Feb-2008 94 years old Aulds Funeral Home Map:  Section 1-77
Smith Earnest 17-Nov 1897 23-Dec-1983 Row 1 Stohl Survey
Smith Ida 1-Mar 1899 27-Jun-1987 Row 1 Stohl Survey
Smith Jessie May 13-May-1927 No marker found
Sparks Richard (Dick) 12-Dec-1946 Died in Wichita Falls.  No marker.  Picked up by Totten Funeral Home, Electra.
Thomas Cliff 3-Mar-1958 Age 83. Died in Wichita Falls-may not be buried in this cemetery.
Thomas Clifford R. 17-Mar-1946 16-Jun-2001 Shown on Julie Coley survey of 2005.
Thomas Dona 15-Aug 1885 16-Oct-1981 Stohl Survey Row 7 #4b
Thomas Elisha 17-Mar-1900 5-Apr-1979 Stohl Survey Row 7 #4a
Trotter A. L. on Julie Coley Survey.  Reserved?
Tubbs Helen Ruth 20-Dec-1942 1-Aug-1997 Row 2 Stohl Survey
Tubbs Journey Dee 24-Apr-2003 24-Apr-2003
Unknown 'Jan-1894 5-Apr-19?? Not legible. Stohl row 4 #8
Walker Willie (male) 24-Mar-1961 no marker found
Washington Mamie 25-Jun-1920 no marker found
Weaver Charles W. 8-Oct.-1930 1-Oct-2004 Section 1 on Aulds list
Weaver John Henry 6-Oct-1931 23-May-1997 Stohl Survey Row 5 #10
Welch Baby (male) 12-Aug-1924 no marker found
Williams Eddie Lee, Sr. 13-Oct-1949 24-Jan-2013 Aulds Map:  Section 1-69
Williams Mary Ann Martin 15-Mar-1955 No date of death given.  Reserved. Map:  Section 1-70
Willis  Baby (male) 11-Nov-1955 No marker found
Willis Diane 20-May-1958 20-May-1958 1 Hr. old, Died in Wichita Falls.  Info. from Burial permit/no marker found
Willis Owen Pascal 5/14/1970 5/9/2022 1/1/2 spaces S. of Tony Bobo
Willis Teresa Map:  Section 1-70 Reserved?
Wilson Cap 18-Jul-1977 No marker found
Wilson George 25-Jun-1920 Mo marker found
Young Jim 3-Feb-1918 12-Jan-1971 Stohl Survey Row 5 #3