Electra Public Library


We made Super Hero capes. Before we could get started Mrs. Stacy had been kidnapped by Dr. No No and Book Worm was loose in the library. What a surprise when Batgirl showed up to save the day. The children of the library help Batgirl to find Book Worm in the library. Batgirl chased Book Worm outside and followed her to Dr. No No's evil lair where he rescued Mrs. Stacy. Janna and Mrs. Stacy made it back in time to help the children make their superhero capes. They didn't need much help though because they did an awesome job all by themselves. Thank you so much to the parents and caregivers who brought children to craft day and helped out where needed. Thank you also to Janna-Maree Nelson, Deanna Duensing, Caitlyn Donaghey, Kelsey Thomas and Lauren Thomas for volunteering their time to help with the crafts.