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Library Services at 94 years

     As the 94 years of service to the Electra community have rolled by, the library has been a place of change with each passing year.  Technology and publishing modernization have greatly improved the very core of what we perceive to be the heart of the library.  Rapid production of printed materials-books, magazines, pamphlets-make items available more quickly than before.  Through the advancement in technologies and delivery options small-town libraries are able to be as up to date as any large city library.  Through the ever evolving advancement of the technology age to library patrons all kinds of possibilities  have been made available by just accessing the internet.

     The Electra Public Library provides an array of services on a daily basis to children and adults.  They include:

The Texas Room:  Myrtle Russell Memorial Magazines & Newspapers
Books, DVD's, & Audio Books Genealogy Study Group and Research
Dink Robb Children's Library Public Computers with Internet Access plus public WiFi access with no password required. 
Public Fax Machine Black and White & Color Printers/Scanners
Large Print Books Interlibrary Loan program
Storytime Library webpage with a electronic card catalog
Summer Reading Program Texshare Program
North Texas Digital Consortium for E-books (22 library members) Wii gaming console plus games to play in the library.