Electra Public Library


     Mrs. E. J. Torvie led the charge to establish in the library in 1925 and continued to serve as Librarian for the next ten years.  And who can ever forget the indefatigable Myrtle Russell who presided as Librarian for the next forty-seven years!  Her love of language, literature, history and service made her the quintessential librarian.  Her service gave the library a continuity of purpose and direction.  She provided stability and served as the public face of the library.  Virtually every school child during those forty-seven years knew Myrtle Russell and she them.  Upon Myrtle Russell's demise, Olive Carter served as Librarian for a year while a permanent Librarian was sought.  The library was in luck when it hired native daughter Pat Shelnutt Doan as permanent Librarian in 1983.  She brought youthful energy to her position and remained as Librarian until 1990.  That year brought the hiring of another native daughter, Terry Gilbert Holbert, as Librarian.  Terry has learned from all of those who have went before her and has continued the growth and expansion of services to the community into the 21st Century.  In 1997, Terry was awarded the Small Community Librarian of the Year by the Texas Library Association.  In 1999 D. M. (Dink) Robb was named Philanthropist of the Year by the Texas Library Association, North Texas Regional Library System and the Library Foundation of North Texas. 

     Librarian Terry Holbert decided to retire in 2012, so that brought the hiring of Stacy Nelson.  Even though Stacy is not a  native daughter of Electra, she is a graduate of EHS.  Dean (a native son) and Stacy returned to Electra to raise their family 27 years ago.  Stacy was in charge of the Elementary School library for 8 years before assuming the job at the Electra Public Library.  Stacy's love of the Electra community makes her strive to carry on the  library services of stability, continuity of purpose and direction. These ladies that came before her are a hard act to follow but she hopes she can do them proud.

     To the credit of these six Librarians, the Electra Public Library has been state accredited since its founding in 1925.  Six women:  ninety four years of Electra Public Library.